The Labyrinth Game

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By Static State Games 

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Showing some of our Pre-Vis and our Post Mortem



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Hey guys,

Here's how the story goes. We're a group of enthusiastic friends/3D art students who came together to make a game.  There was a due date and guidelines to follow. It wasn't always fun and games and on a number of occasions we came across some hurdles that we had to power through to produce the game that many of you are playing now.

It's safe to say that we are extremely grateful and equally shocked at the amount of attention and good press that our game has recieved as of late.  We can only hope that it continues to do so in the future.

On a side note, special thanks to the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Sydney
( for nurturing our skills and fostering the ability to work together. Without them this would not have been possible. 

Sincere thanks, 
Team Static State Games


Benjamin Yates-Rae (Lead Programmer)

Megan Irving              (Programmer)

James Apple             (Lead Artist)

James Zin                 (Environmental Artist)

Aaron Attard        (Character Artist/Modelling)

Peter Perusco          (Artist/Gui Design)

Jacob Whittingham  (Character Artist)

Special Thanks to:

Jared  Michael
Aaron Bryn Thomas

Catherine Schmitt 

Daniel Goganovski

Matt Barker

Adam Bax

Salim Tighnavard

Jared Michaels

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